Wholesale of organic and non-organic mushroom extracts

Why mushroom nutrition?

The fungal kingdom represents an endless source of bioactive compounds, which other organisms can benefit from. Having been used successfully for millennia in both Chinese and Rainforest medicine,  the properties of medicinal mushrooms are confirmed by modern science. It’s no surprise that medicinal mushrooms are now a growing trend in the food, health foods and nutraceutical industries.

What types of mushroom extracts in bulk do we offer?

Due to a vast number of demand for mushroom extracts we have a wide range of extracts available for wholesale. Although we concentrate on  the increase of use for organic certified mushroom extracts, we can also offer non-organic extracts. We mainly supply mushroom extracts manufactured from mushroom fruiting bodies. Due to demand we do manufacture some mycelium extracts as well. We can offer several grades of mushroom extracts, which we standardize to contain certain number of bioactive compounds to suit different customer’s needs.

How we can help you?

Whether you already have an existing product line of mushroom extracts and want to expand, or you simply want to create a brand new line – we can support you throughout the entire process.

Chaga Dual Extract, Cordyceps Extract, Lion’s Mane Extract, Reishi Extract…

…. are only some of the most popular medicinal mushroom extracts. We supply these and many more, depending on your business aims. Let us know what your mushroom product ideas are and we will help you turn them into reality!

Consultancy on Medicinal Mushrooms and Mushroom Products

Perhaps you wonder what type of extract to use for your formulations? Or you wish to make a new mushroom functional product? We help you to determine what your product will consist of, giving you our expertise on medicinal extracts and their use. We help you understand what arethe potential benefits of mushroom nutrition so you could set your optimal marketing strategy.

Mushroom Extracts Product Development

Often product developers wish to create medicinal mushroom product for a specific group of consumers, but are finding it challenging to decide which extracts and how much of each extract should be used. Let us help, it is part of the service we offer! And we can help you with manufacturing your medicinal mushroom extracts final products, either certified organic or non-organic. Simply send your query via our contact form and we will take care of the rest!

Free Delivery for wohelesale orders within the European Union and the United Kingdom

Rest of the world deliveries available upon request.
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