Reishi Dual Extract 150g Organic


Reishi mushroom extract powder  150 grams is worth 1-3 months supply

Ganoderma lucidum, aka Reishi mushroom, has very wide range of health benefits. Its legendary potency is mainly manifested by two main groups of bioactive compounds: polysaccharides and triterpenes. The type of polysaccharides, scientifically proven to have greatest effect are known as beta-D-glucans. Simply put, beta glucans are types of sugar chains. As sugars, they are soluble in water. The other group of bioactive compounds – the triterpenes (aka triterpenoids) have fat-like structure and are soluble in ethanol. Our organic Reishi extract contains both groups of bioactive compounds. We process the Ganoderma lucidum fruiting bodies through water extraction and then through ethanol to get both types of compounds, so the end result is what is known as “dual extract”. For extraction we only use organic cultivated Duanwood (aka Linden tree) Reishi mushroom fruiting bodies (not mycelium), which makes the extract powder very rich in bioactive components. Our high potency, 100% organic certified Reishi mushroom extract powder comes in easy to use form. And just as the rest of our products – supported by analytical data to prove its high content of active ingredients. This organic certified dual extract is of outstanding quality and we offer it to you at unbeatable price. It is a real ‘must try!’

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About Reishi

Often referred to as ‘the herb of immortality’, ‘king of mushrooms’, ‘queen of mushrooms’ and so on, Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi) is a great medicinal mushroom. In traditional Chinese medicine, where it has been used for thousands of years, it is considered a ‘superior’ herb, meaning it has lots of therapeutic benefits. Modern science confirms that Reishi indeed has a lot to offer. We believe it is its popularity that led so many researchers to investigate G.lucidum’s active components.

Our  Organic Reishi Mushroom Extract

Into the wild Ganoderma lucidum grows on wood. In  order to get rich in bioactive components mushroom extracts, the first thing we need is to get mushroom fruiting bodies. In addition they have to grow either on wood or wood rich substrate. (More details  for this topic – check out our youtube channel). Most of the mushroom producers actually grow mushrooms on grain substrate due to the lower cost. However the end result of the products massively differ from the wood cultivated species. The organic Reishi mushroom fruiting bodies  that we use to produce our potent extract powders are entirely cultivated on sustainably harvested Duanwood (Linden tree).

Bioactive compounds in Reishi Extract

As mentioned above there are two main types of bioactive compounds in Reishi: beta-D-glucans (type of polysaccharides) and  triterpenes (aka triterpenoids). The glucans also may very, depending on their structure. What is important to remember is that mushrooms grown predominantly on grain substrate are rich in alpha glucans, but mushrooms grown predominantly on wood substrate are rich in beta glucans. What science has proven as most potent for our immune system beta glucans are the 1-3, 1-6 beta-D-glucans. To summarize:

  • beta-D-glucans are class of polysaccharides
  • polysaccharides may contain some beta-D-glucans, but not necessarily
  • it is the 1-3, 1-6 beta-D-glucans that have potent effect on our immune system

If a mushroom containing product has a statement on its label that it contains a certain percent of polysaccharides, that does not automatically mean these polysaccharides are made up of beta glucans. This is why it is crucial to know the difference and make sure you get products that contain the actual active ingredients you want. Our organic Reishi mushroom extract powder comes with analytical data which proves its high content of bioactive ingredients.

  • The triterpenes in Ganoderma lucidum also come from the use of wood as a substrate. Hence if Reishi has been cultivated on grain it will have little or no triterpenes.
A mushroom organism consist of two parts: mycelium (vegetative body) and fruiting body (aka mushroom).
  • It is the mushroom fruiting body that contains high concentration of bioactive ingredients.

Why our extract powders?

Often on the description of mushroom containing products you can see the word ‘powder’. Mushroom powder means the mushroom fruiting bodies are dried and ground into powder. Such products have little or no health benefits. The bioactive components are inside the mushroom cells and without extraction they are not bio-available.

Some companies use mycelium extracts, which are uncomparable to extracts from fruiting bodies in their content of beta glucans and triterpenes.

Also on labels or descriptions you can see the word ‘ratio’. Often companies use this misleading term to advocate for quality of their products. But it is simple – it is the content of the scientifically proven bioactive ingredients that only matters. It is these tiny compounds inside mushroom cells that we really want, not mycelium powders, mushroom powders or acclaimed ratio used.

  • We use sustainably harvested wood substrate (Duanwood) for the cultivation of our potent organic Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi) fruiting bodies.
  • Only  fruiting bodies of Reishi (not the mycelium) are the source  for our dual extract (water then ethanol).
  • Premium quality, very rich in bioactive compounds, organic certified mushroom extract powders (not mushroom powders).
  • And we always state the guaranteed minimum content of actual active ingredients on our labels.
How to take our Reishi mushroom extract powder

Medicinal mushrooms are great source of nutrients, so please treat them as high quality food! We only offer high potency organic certified medicinal mushroom extracts. They are also rich in important bio-active ingredients and are very easy to take. When buying our organic certified mushroom extract powders you actually get a lot for your money. Some companies put mushroom extracts in capsules and sell these as food supplement. A standard capsule would only contain 250-350 mg of extract. Hence 2 grams of our extract would be the content of 6-8 capsules of pricey mushroom supplement!

  • Our suggestion is you start with 1-2 grams per day and see how it feels.
  • Some people like to take the mushroom extracts straight into the mouth and swallow with water or any other liquid.
  • Others like to put them into shakes or smoothies, hot drinks or even sprinkle on breakfast cereals. As it usually feels different from person to person, we encourage you to explore and find what works best for you!
Mushroom Extracts and Contraindications

One common thing about medicinal mushrooms is that they offer an incredibly wide range of health benefits and usually have no adverse effect. However, just like any other concentrated food product, the experience may vary from one person to another we suggest you monitor yourself. In case you experience an adverse effect – please stop taking the extract. Remember – you know your body better than anyone else and it is your privilege to care for yourself!


  • The above listed information is purely for educational purposes.
  • Please consume our products along with  healthy and balanced diet.
  • None of our products mean to prevent, treat or cure a disease or condition.

Additional information

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