Chaga King Dual Extract

Chaga King Dual Extract


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Glittering Health Blast!

75g – 75servings. Chaga Dual Extract

Looking to buy real high quality extract from Chaga mushroom? We are proud to offer you this fantastic dual extract, combining in itself all the goodness Chaga has got to offer. It is truly rich and nutritious extract, from real wild-crafted slerotium with bulk of nutritional and therapeutic values. Add to smoothies, breakfast cereals, hot or cold drinks, soups, stews…or anything else you like! The extract is in ready to use form, just scoop a bit and enjoy!



In stock (can be backordered)


75g glass amber jar. Organic Chaga mushroom dual extract in ready to use powder form. Great coffee alternative.

Chaga  – History and Facts

Chaga known as Inonotus obliquus  in scientific literature is perhaps one of the most potent medicinal mushrooms known so far. Due to its bark-like appearance on birch trees (Chaga mushroom’s most preferred host) and the hard fruiting bodies it forms, Chaga is generally not considered an edible mushroom. However, that is not a “rule of thumb” – especially not for Indigenous Siberian people. Just like every other people that live in close relation with the surrounding natural environment. The Siberian tribes are used to including mushrooms in their daily diet. And Chaga has a wide range of applications. For hundreds of years (early records dates back to 16th century), perhaps even a lot longer it was used as a source of vital nutrients.

Chaga Dual Extract Active Ingredients

After numerous studies, done mostly over the past 50 years science found what is it in Chaga that possess all its beneficial properties. Here is a short list of its main bio-active components:

  • Chaga mushroom polysaccharides– Chaga has significant levels of the well-known immune-supporting 1,3-1,6 beta-D-glucans
  • Chaga mushroom triterpenes – having powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-tumour properties, the triterpenes/triterpenoids (with fat-like structure) are the main compounds in Chaga ( and other fungi) subject to alcohol /ethanol extraction
  • Chaga mushroom polyphenols – having antioxidant properties, along with the other bio-active ingredients in Chaga, the polyphenols possess rejuvenating properties. This group of actives are one of the main reasons for Chaga’s famous longevity promoting properties.

Chaga is the king of mushrooms for a good reason, it promotes longevity and endurance. It has many health benefits including the following:


Chaga extract has the highest known concentration of ANTIOXIDANTS in any food, it improves CARDIOVASCULAR and METABOLIC HEALTH, it offers LIVER SUPPORT and aids in DIGESTION.

Chaga King might helps you blow away crappy enemies, as well.

Chaga Uses

Chaga tea – the tea made of slow brewing for a long period of time of Chaga fruiting body, broken into chunks is by far the most popular way of its folklore use. Put simply – it is basic water extraction, an excellent way to get the polysaccharides from Chaga. Chaga was also used as “disinfectant” – again, the water boiled with the mushroom was used for washing babies after birth. Such use should be of no surprise – one the water is boiled it is sterile, second – Chaga is known to have anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.

Chaga alcohol tincture – another popular folklore use of Chaga was grounding its sclerotium (a compact mass of hardened fungal mycelium containing food reserves) and putting into flasks with vodka, or other alcohols. People found that consuming this tinctures helps them alleviate pain, heal faster, feel more alert.

Chaga as a food ingredient – again, powdered fruiting bodies/sclerotium were added to soups and stews, adding to their nutritional content, giving a nice lightly-sweetish flavour and making the meal medicinal.

Mushroom Extracts and Contraindications

One common thing about medicinal mushrooms is that they offer an incredibly wide range of health benefits and usually have no adverse effect. However, just like any other concentrated food product, the experience may vary from one person to another we suggest you monitor yourself. In case you experience an adverse effect – please stop taking the extract. Remember – you know your body better than anyone else and it is your privilege to care for yourself!


  • The above-listed information is purely for educational purposes.
  • Please consume our products along with a healthy and balanced diet.
  • None of our products is meant to prevent, treat or cure a disease or condition.
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How to use

Chaga Extract – how to take it

We only offer high potency organic certified extracts. They are rich in active ingredients and are very easy to take. Our suggestion is you start with 1-3 grams/daily and see how it feels. Some people like to take the extracts straight into the mouth and swallow with water or any other liquid. Others like to put them in shakes or smoothies, hot drinks or even breakfast cereals. As it  usually feels different from person to person we encourage you to explore and find what works best for you.

It might be a good idea to take the medicinal mushroom extract powder earlier in the day rather than later. As often people report they get an energy boost it is good to keep that in mind. Also-mushrooms act as prebiotics for the GIT bacteria. So if you would consider that bit important you could take some extract first thing in the morning or in between regular meals, on an empty stomach.

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FAQ Chaga

FAQ Chaga

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