Mushroom Coffee Sachets


The most potent Mushroom Coffee formula so far!
  • 15 sachets per box.
  • 3 grams of organic mushroom extracts per sachet!!!

Fancy a  Mushroom Coffee?

  • Well, we thought a cup of coffee can offer a bit more that a pleasant, warming boost. So we picked top quality, organically grown South American freeze-dried Arabica coffee which we combined with
    1 gram of each of the following extracts:
    Lion’s mane
    Turkey tail
    3g (3000mg) of mushroom fruiting body extract, rich in active ingredients equals the amount you would get in about 8-10 capsules of mushroom supplement (if the supplement is worth it at all). And we put it all into a handy sachet. It’s easy to use at any time of the day: just pour the sachet content into 100ml of hot water or other liquid and stir. Voila, your medicinal mushroom coffee drink is ready!


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Mushroom coffee is a natural medicine

Whether you drink coffee on occasion or daily, our formula is ‘spot on’! The coffee base we opted out for is not a random instant coffee. We have carefully selected high quality, grown in South America 100% organic Arabica beans. The coffee beans are extracted in ‘state of art’ freeze-drying facility. This process allows the product to retain its naturally rich flavours and intensive aroma.

Mushroom Coffee

Instant Coffee (Organic) + Mushroom Extracts (Organic) = Mushroom coffee-Organic

We use our favourite freeze dried, fair-trade, organic coffee and therefore blend it with three of our beloved mushroom extracts:

  • Reishi extract powder (Ganoderma lucidum) dual extract
  • Lion’s mane extract powder (Hericium erinaceus) hot water extract
  • Turkey tail extract powder (Trametes versicolor) hot water extract

Mushroom coffee – why ‘medicinal’  drink?

There some possible  benefits of drinking mushroom coffee due to its purity of natural ingredients. It  brings together the goodness of high quality fair-trade organic freeze dried Arabica coffee and  furthermore the heath benefits of   organic mushroom extracts.

  • Antioxidants – coffee is reputable for its antioxidants. Reshi as well is   famous with promoting  antioxidant activity within our body due to its high ORAC value.
  • Cholesterol control – Reishi  may  helps with balancing cholesterol levels, and coffee  supports reducing the risk of increased levels of cholesterol. Increased levels of cholesterol also  linked to risk of heart disease.
  • Detoxification and liver protection – along with coffee, bioactive components (polysaccharides and triterpenes), extracted from Reishi and Turkey tail mushrooms have demonstrated  liver protection functions in a range of science-based studies.
  • Cognitive function/concentration and nerve repair – coffee is often consumed to help with concentration. Reishi is  able to act as an adaptogenic herb, meaning help with adaptation (to work, new environment, etc); In addition naturally occurring compounds in Lion’s mane    could help with the repair of nerve cells, by boosting NGF (Nerve Growth Factor) and nerve cell myelination. Hence low levels of   NGF are associated with early stages of Dementia.
  • Maintain immunity – furthermore  Reishi, Turkey tail and Lion’s mane extracts have all proven benefits against a wide range of conditions where the body’s immune response is not adequate.

How to best enjoy the medicinal mushroom coffee drink

It is simple and effective formula , made with very high quality organic ingredients. To get the best of the freeze-dried coffee aroma we suggest you use hot water of about 85 degrees Celsius (not boiling). You can add the blend to any sort of liquid,  either hot or cold – it is entirely up to your personal preference.

How much to take

We developed this organic mushroom coffee drink formula  as potent and powerful combination  as a result 1 serving per day is enough to get things moving and deliver to you a decent amount of mushroom bioactive ingredients.

Mushroom Extracts and Contraindications

This organic mushroom coffee drink contains caffeine. In case you take medication please check for possible adverse effects. One common thing about medicinal mushrooms is that they offer an incredibly wide range of health benefits and usually have no adverse effect. However, just like any other concentrated food product, the experience may vary from one person to another we suggest you monitor yourself. In case you experience an adverse effect – please stop taking the extract. Remember – you know your body better than anyone else and it is your privilege to care for yourself!


  • The above listed information is purely for educational purposes.
  • Please consume our products along with  healthy and balanced diet.
  • None of our products is meant to prevent, treat or cure a disease or condition.


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