Mushroom Blends

Fancy a Mushroom Coffee?!

First of all, we like good organic healthy food. That is what is on our table at home. We  always choose food  which does not harm but rather support the environment during its growing process. Mushroom are one of this kind of food and we believe that the “organic” works best for us and the planet.  Relevant to our own values for the formulation of this products we  are using only organic certified mushroom extracts in combination with a natural and healthy organic food ingredient. We bring our favourite mushroom extracts to a “white” vegan, raw chocolate bar,  unwinding Mushroom Cacao and uplifting Mushroom Coffee. As a result  our blends are  powerful, delicious and guilt-free treats!

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  • Chocolate bar with mushroom extract, transparent plastic foil, toffe-like colour, Organic Lion's mane cocoa bar, Ingredients :4000mg of organic Lion's mane (Hericium erinaceus), Monkey head mushroom, lucuma powder, virgin cocoa butter, vanilla, coconut blossom sugar. Very healthy and delicious! 44g bar

    Lion’s mane Cocoa Confection

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  • Mushroom Cacao/ Mushroom Hot Chocolate in a pouch bag 297g, Organic, Vegan, Contain Mushroom extracts.

    Mushroom Cacao 297g Organic

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  • Mushroom cacao in carton box, nutri-fungi logo pattern (reishi in a circle), brownish label Organic Mushroom Cacao, box contains 10 sachets of 11grams.

    Mushroom Cacao Sachets

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  • Pouch bag with instant coffee mixed with organic mushroom extracts: lion's mane mushroom hericum erinaceus, reishi- ganoderma lucidum, turkey tail-coriolus/trametes versicolor.

    Mushroom Coffee 150g Organic

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  • Mushroom coffee, Lion's mane mushroom, coriolus versicolor/ turkey tail mushroom and reishi/ ganoderma lucidum extracts. 40% polysaccharides of which 20% beta-d-glucans. Paper box with sachets 15 sachets per box 5g each.

    Mushroom Coffee Sachets Organic

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