Mixed Extracts

Why mixed medicinal mushroom extracts?

Having organic mixed mushroom extracts in powder form is a great way to supplement your daily diet. Super easy to get all these powerful compounds in one. If you prefer to have few types of medicinal mushroom species instead of just one –  measure out 1-3 grams and enjoy of your preferred mix and enjoy!

Mixed vs Single extract-which is best?

Sometimes people ask whether a mix of medicinal mushroom extracts or single medicinal mushroom extract works best. The truth is that there is no answer to such question. It is what work best for you, this is the bottom line.

Medicinal mushrooms have synergistic effect. They all have proven immune-modulating properties, cholesterol-balancing effect, act as antioxidants and are anti-tumor. Please check regularly our facebook page and our blog for science based information regarding medicinal mushrooms.

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  • Organic 8 Mushroom Mix Extracts 150g in a pouch bag siutable for humans, as well as Mushroom Supplements For Dogs, Mushroom Supplements For Horses and Mushroom Supplements For Pets

    Mushroom Mix 8 Extracts 150g

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  • Pouch bag of mixed organic mushroom extracts: lion's mane mushroom, reishi, coriolus versicolor/turkey tail mushroom, cordyceps millitaris, shiitake/lenintula edodes, chaga/ inonotus obliquus, maitake/hen of the wood mushroom, oyster mushroom/pleurotus ostreatus.

    Mushroom Mix 8 Extracts 300g

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