quote about balance because reishi dual extract can support body and mind balace

Looking for Real Reishi Dual Extract?

Try our amazing Reishi Queen!

The Reishi dual extract contains the full spectrum of beneficial ingredient. We are proud to offer 100% Organic mushroom extract and strictly no additives! Scientific research shows that extract of  Reishi has wide range of benefits:






Reishi Queen jar 75 servings. Reishi dual extract, organic wood grown, in a powder form.

Reishi Dual Extract – Be Yourself

Balance yourself to reach your full potential in a natural way. Our Reishi dual extract, as everything in nature, works synergistically for the whole body & spirit. We use only pure Reishi mushroom dual extract and strictly no additives, so can enjoy the full spectrum of Ganoderma lucidum goodness.

Hard Work…

ganoderma extract can protect cellular DNA from oxidant damage.

When you are chronically under high-stress levels can end up with sleep problems, a depressed immune response, blood sugar abnormalities, and even abdominal weight gain. However, Reishi tastes bitter is sweet to have your balance back.

…Or Leisure Time

reishi dual extract is great for the summer time. ganoderma is adaptogen.

During your leisure time, Reishi Queen is an excellent and refreshing substitute for coffee! It is versatile and easy to use, try coconut iced coffee it is a perfectly healthy drink.

Try! You will love it.

It does not taste strongly mushroomy as maitake or button mushroom. Our Reishi is a highly concentrated extract and just 1 gram (half-flat teaspoon) per serving is enough. It is bitter and it should be because this is the result of fine dual extraction. If you Reishi is not bitter is poor quality, lacking of beneficial ingredients, just powder or even not Ganoderma lucidum at all (for more info check here)! However, quite unlikely to miss its positives.

Reishi dual extract has bitter taste, however, real reishi musroom dual extract should be like that. In this concentrated form it is more beneficial for balancing your hormone levels and makes you feel good!

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