lion's mane

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  • Lion's mane extract, mushroom fruiting bodies extract ian a pouch bag, powder form, organic, in a resealable pouch bag, extract in powder form. Avialable in UK for free delivery

    Lion’s mane Extract 150g Organic

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  • Pouch bag with instant coffee mixed with organic mushroom extracts: lion's mane mushroom hericum erinaceus, reishi- ganoderma lucidum, turkey tail-coriolus/trametes versicolor.

    Mushroom Coffee 150g Organic

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  • Mushroom coffee, Lion's mane mushroom, coriolus versicolor/ turkey tail mushroom and reishi/ ganoderma lucidum extracts. 40% polysaccharides of which 20% beta-d-glucans. Paper box with sachets 15 sachets per box 5g each.

    Mushroom Coffee Sachets

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  • Lion's mane extract in powder form. Branded pouch bag of 300g mushroom extract, organic. Contains at least 40% polyshaccarides of wich minimum 20% beta-d-glucans.

    Lion’s mane Extract 300g Organic

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  • Organic 8 Mushroom Mix Extracts 150g in a pouch bag siutable for humans, as well as Mushroom Supplements For Dogs, Mushroom Supplements For Horses and Mushroom Supplements For Pets

    Mushroom Mix 8 Extracts 150g

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  • Chocolate bar with mushroom extract, transparent plastic foil, toffe-like colour, Organic Lion's mane cocoa bar, Ingredients :4000mg of organic Lion's mane (Hericium erinaceus), Monkey head mushroom, lucuma powder, virgin cocoa butter, vanilla, coconut blossom sugar. Very healthy and delicious! 44g bar

    Lion’s mane Cocoa Confection

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  • Pouch bag of mixed organic mushroom extracts: lion's mane mushroom, reishi, coriolus versicolor/turkey tail mushroom, cordyceps millitaris, shiitake/lenintula edodes, chaga/ inonotus obliquus, maitake/hen of the wood mushroom, oyster mushroom/pleurotus ostreatus.

    Mushroom Mix 8 Extracts 300g

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