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  • Mushroom cacao in carton box, nutri-fungi logo pattern (reishi in a circle), brownish label Organic Mushroom Cacao, box contains 10 sachets of 11grams.

    Mushroom Cacao Sachets

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  • Organic 8 Mushroom Mix Extracts 150g in a pouch bag siutable for humans, as well as Mushroom Supplements For Dogs, Mushroom Supplements For Horses and Mushroom Supplements For Pets

    Mushroom Mix 8 Extracts 150g

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  • Chaga dual extract, Inonotus obliquus dual extract in powder form, branded Nutri-Fungi resealable pouch bag, high potency 25% Beta-glucans, 50% polysaccharides. Organic, Vegan.

    Chaga Dual Extract 300g Organic

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  • Chaga, Inonotus obliquus wild harvest, Chaga dual extract in powder form, organic, 150g in a resealable pouch bag.

    Chaga Dual Extract 150g Organic

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  • Pouch bag of mixed organic mushroom extracts: lion's mane mushroom, reishi, coriolus versicolor/turkey tail mushroom, cordyceps millitaris, shiitake/lenintula edodes, chaga/ inonotus obliquus, maitake/hen of the wood mushroom, oyster mushroom/pleurotus ostreatus.

    Mushroom Mix 8 Extracts 300g

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  • Mushroom Cacao/ Mushroom Hot Chocolate in a pouch bag 297g, Organic, Vegan, Contain Mushroom extracts.

    Mushroom Cacao 297g Organic

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