FAQ Mushroom Basics

FAQ Mushroom Basics2019-04-25T09:01:23+00:00
What are mushrooms?2019-04-25T09:28:38+00:00

PartsOfMushroomsMushroom is the fleshy, spore – bearing fruiting body of a fungus, typically produced above ground on soil or on its food source. It has different parts, that we’ll explain in the next questions, but for quick reference, just look at the picture, you can see the fruiting body, mycelium and spores.

What is fruiting body/conk?2019-04-25T09:29:07+00:00

Is the part of the mushroom that is externally visible. It is composed of the cap and stem that can have a ring around it.

What are spores?2019-04-25T09:29:21+00:00

Are produced by the fruiting body and are important for mushroom reproduction, because they are cells capable of developing into a new mushroom.

What is mycelium?2019-04-25T09:29:28+00:00

Tangle of hyphae (a long, branching filamentous structure) created through spore germination, from which the above ground part of the mushroom develops.

Can I see how mushrooms look in nature?2019-04-25T09:30:01+00:00

Yes, sure. Just go to our blog section on our website and there we have some articles about mushrooms and we included pictures of them in nature. We’ll be writing more and include more pictures, so just keep up with our blog.

What does it mean that the mushroom extract is a functional food?2019-04-25T09:30:39+00:00

Functional foods are foods that have a potentially positive effect on health beyond basic nutrition. Proponents of functional foods say they promote optimal health and help reduce the risk of disease and there are many benefits (as you can see in the study) of medicinal mushrooms and they’ve been used as functional food in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years.


What does it mean if a mushroom provides adaptogenic support?2019-04-25T09:30:58+00:00

In herbal medicine ADAPTOGEN is a natural substance considered to help the body adapt to stress or put it differently it increases the body’s ability to resist the damaging effects of stress and promote or restore normal physiological functioning. So this is exactly what it means for mushrooms to have this function.

How well are mushrooms researched? Can you quote some studies?2019-04-25T09:31:17+00:00

There is a lot of research on mushrooms and the data base continues to grow, so we’ll make sure we list all the useful studies on our website, so you can go and have a read. We’ll also provide a short description and an easier explanation on what the study is about, so everyone can get a better understanding of all the information that’s out there.

Are there studies on humans as well? Or just mice?2019-04-25T09:31:23+00:00

There are many studies done on mice. But the one’s we are interested, and we’ll share with you are not those. We’ll try and find studies that are done on humans or are actually directly applicable to us.

Are there studies that prove positive side effects of mushroom extracts?2019-04-25T09:31:44+00:00

Yes there are many studies that prove the effects of mushrooms on our bodies and you can find them under all the articles we post on the website. If you are looking for something specific, let us know and we’ll get back to you and provide some useful links.

Are they only used in Traditional Chinese Medicine? Or does eastern medicine use them too?2019-04-25T09:31:57+00:00

For the moment yes, mushroom extracts are only used in traditional Chinese medicine. They can only be prescribed by traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, so the general medicinal doctors won’t do it, because there are still a lot more studies that must be done. However, there are a lot of clinical trials that prove the benefits of using mushroom extract powders in combination with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, so in cancer treatment. They improve the effects of these treatments and also relieve the side effects those treatments have on our bodies.

Can they be prescribed?2019-04-25T09:32:02+00:00

No, they can’t be prescribed since they are a functional food ingredient and not medicine.

What kind of mushroom products exist?2019-04-25T09:32:17+00:00

There are many mushroom products (like fruiting body, extracts, spores and spore oil, mycelium liquid/submerged fermentation, mycelial biomass and combination products), but on our website you can find mushroom extract powders (and some other products, like coffee, cacao and chocolate that contain mushroom extract powders). What does that mean? Well it comes down to the process on how we make our products. We shot a video on it, so you can check it out on our YouTube page.


If you want to know more about different mushroom products, let us know and we’ll do a blog post about it.

What kind of product are you making?2019-04-25T09:32:55+00:00

We make mushroom extract powders.

What kind of method are you using for making your products?2019-04-25T09:32:48+00:00

We are using hot – water extraction and alcohol extraction and it all depends on the active compounds we want from the mushroom. AQUEOUS or HOT WATER EXTRACTION (teas/decoction): that gives high polysaccharides concentrations but low levels of poorly water – soluble triterpenes. Crude polysaccharide extracts typically have around 30% polysaccharides with further purification possible. ETHANOLIC or ALCOHOL EXTRACTION (tinctures): delivers higher levels of triterpenes but fewer polysaccharides.

Which active compounds are in the mushrooms?2019-04-25T09:33:22+00:00

Mushrooms are rich in active compounds like polysaccharides (beta – glucans, proteoglycans and related compounds), protiens, triterpenes, phenols, sterols, statins, indole compounds, chitin and enzymes. If you want more information on each compound, let us know and we’ll do blog posts about them to widen your knowledge.

Which mushroom should I use for specific diseases?2019-04-25T09:33:30+00:00

We made a spread sheet for that and we’ll definitely share it with you. However you can find loads of information under the blog section on our website. If you still have questions, let us know and we’ll try and give you the best possible answer.

Can some foods improve the properties of mushroom extracts? Which ones (for example green tea, vitamin C or K3)?2019-04-25T09:33:45+00:00

Mushroom extract powders are functional food, so combing them with other foods can widen their spectrum of positive benefits on our bodies. It can actually increase the potential effect on our bodies, so it’s good to mix them with other foods. Also it’ll mask the actual taste if you’re not used to it yet. Check out the recipes we provided on our website to get ideas on how to use them.

Is it better to use mushrooms in fresh from?2019-04-25T09:33:53+00:00

It’s totally OK if you use them fresh and cook them. However, you’ll get more benefits if you use the extract powder. Why? Because they are already a concentrated form of the glyconutrients and healthy components present, plus the extraction process breaks down chitin in the cell walls, which we as humans can’t do, because we lack the enzyme needed to break it down. So, doing an extraction is necessary to be able to get the nutrients from the mushroom’s fruiting body.

Can mushrooms help with the environment as well?2019-04-25T09:34:09+00:00

Yes, they actually can. In this TED talk you can listen to 9 ways mushrooms could drastically improve the world.


What are the mushrooms?2019-04-17T10:52:59+00:00

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