FAQ Mushroom Extracts Safety

FAQ Mushroom Extracts Safety2019-04-25T09:01:20+00:00
Are there any restrictions on who can or cannot use mushroom extracts?2019-04-25T09:03:25+00:00

During pregnancy, it is imperative to understand that every women responds differently to adaptogen use. It would be best to consult your healthcare physician and proceed with caution on this topic.

Can children use mushroom extracts?2019-04-25T09:03:31+00:00

There are not enough studies available to conclude, that mushroom products are safe for children, so we advise you to talk to your health care practitioner before giving them to children. But we personally think they are safe for everyone from children to elderly.

Any other conditions when I should be careful?2019-04-25T09:03:40+00:00

If you’ve got any specific medical conditions and are not sure if you should take our products, we highly recommend that you consult with your physician. Check the warnings under the answers for specific products.

Combination with other drugs? Is it safe/recommended?2019-04-25T09:03:44+00:00

Since they are a functional food and a natural product and not a medication you can use them with your other drugs, however if you have any specific questions and are not sure, we recommend consulting your physician.