Looking for Mushroom Complex Mix!?

Try our amazing 8 Heroes!

100% Organic Certified. Sustainably grown. Pure & Concentrated! Mushroom Complex Mix of 8 Extracts:

1. Cordyceps

2. Chaga

3. Reishi

4. Lion’s mane mushroom

5. Shiitake

6. Maitake

7. Turkey tail mushroom

8. Oyster mushroom

Mushroom Complex Jar 75 servings 8 Heroes immune mix

8 Heroes – The Ultimate Immune Mushroom Complex!

Defend yourself in a natural and sustainable way. Our Mushroom complex 8 Heroes as everything in nature works synergistically for the whole body & spirit. We use only pure mushroom extracts and strictly no additives, so can enjoy the full spectrum of benefits.

Hard Time…

Every season challenges us in a different way. Lack of sunlight is as harmful as the extreme heat and sunshine during summer. When you are pulled apart and have a hard time this is equal to having quite bad flu. The human body has a unique design to cope with challenging situations, however, some support is always welcome. 8 Heroes on your side can help you to be a hero!

…Or Leisure Time

During your leisure time, 8 Heroes mushroom complex is an excellent refreshing addition to any smoothie! It is easy to use and very versatile.

Try! You will love it.

8 Heroes mushroom complex does not taste too strong mushrooms. It is a highly concentrated extract mix and just 1 gram (half-flat teaspoon) per serving is enough. Go well both sweet and savoury combinations, as well, lots of health benefits.

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