On a hunt for Lion’s mane Muhroom extract?

Try our amazing Lion’s Mane Extract!

Scientific research shows that Lion’s mane mushroom extract has a wide range of benefits:

Razor-sharp focus

Smooth Digestion

Enhanced Neurotransmission

Best Mood Ever

lion's mane mushroom extract jar 75 servings organic in a powder form

Lion’s Magnitude – Clarity & Mood Upgrade!

Our Lion’s mane mushroom extract, as everything in nature, works synergistically for the whole body & spirit. It is a perfect natural nootropic. We use only pure mushroom extract and strictly no additives, so can enjoy the full spectrum of benefits.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
Benjamin Franklin

Hard Work…

During the time under stress quietly and often invisible our nerves are damaged little by little. Lion’s mane Magnitude is an excellent choice for both protection or recovering brain health.

…Or Leisure Time

Leisure time with Lion’s mane Magnitude is a perfect way to refresh, recharge and recover. It has a mild taste and is a great addition to any smoothie! also powder form is versatile and easy to use.

Try! You will love it.

Lion’s mane extract is one of the most versatile and beloved in our range. It does not taste strongly mushroom as Shiitake or button mushroom, neither bitter as Reishi or Chaga. Due to its exceptional quality and high concentration, just 1 gram (half-flat teaspoon) per serving is enough. If you mix it whit fruits is quite likely to not taste it at all. However, quite unlikely to miss it’s positives.

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