cordyceps extract slogan-Cordyceps is all you need for great performance!

Looking for Cordyceps extract?

Try our amazing Cordyceps Champion!

Scientific research shows that extract of Cordyceps
has a wide range of benefits:
  • Increasing oxygen uptake

  • Improving blood circulation

  • Kidney support

  • Libido booster

Cordyceps Extract – No Limits

Unlock your potential in a natural and sustainable way. Our Cordyceps extract, as everything in nature, works synergistically for the whole body & spirit. We use only pure mushroom extract and strictly no additives, so can enjoy the full spectrum of benefits.

Hard Work…

Cordyceps militaris extract is a great addition to any pre-workout drinks, as it increases energy levels. It also fits perfect to post-workout drinks to sustain strength and helping with recovery.

…Or Leisure Time

During your leisure time, Cordyceps Champion is excellent as a refreshing addition to any smoothie! It is versatile and easy to use.

Try! You will love it.

It does not taste strongly mushroomy as Shiitake or button mushroom. Our Cordyceps Champion is highly concentrated extract and just 1 gram (half-flat teaspoon) per serving is enough. It is not bitter as Reishi and if you mix it whit fruits is quite likely to not taste it at all. However, quite unlikely to miss its positives.

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