Hunting Wild Chaga Dual Extract?

Chaga King Time!

Scientific research shows that extract of Chaga has a wide range of benefits:

Powerful Antioxidant

Supports Heart Health

Immune System Booster

Lowering Inflammation

Chaga Extract – Cherish Your Inner Defender!

Unlock your inner defender in a natural and sustainable way. Our Chaga dual extract, as everything in the nature, works synergistic for the whole body & spirit. We use only wild harvested mushroom extract and strictly no additives, so can enjoy the full spectrum of benefits.

Work Mode…

Chaga extract is a great addition to any work-time drinks, as it increases energy levels because of very high levels of antioxidants. The Chaga extract also can reduce more than 40% of the DNA damage caused by oxidation. It also fits perfect to post-workout drinks to sustain strength and helping with recovery.

…Or Leisure Time

During your leisure time Chaga King is excellent as a refreshing addition to any smoothie! Especially during the summer some gentle boost is always welcome for out immunity or having ‘save’ fun in the sun. The melanin in the Chaga, whether in a tea/coffee or cream form is able to provide some level of natural protection from the UV rays! It is easy to use and versatile.

Try! You will love it.

It does not taste strongly mushroom as Shiitake or button mushroom. Our Chaga King is highly concentrated dual extract and just 1 gram (half-flat teaspoon) per serving is enough. It is bitter, but has a nice sweetish aftertaste so you can mix it whit fruits or have it as a coffee substitute. Very quite unlikely to miss it’s positives.

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