We Are  Passionate  about Mushrooms!

How we started-brief introduction

This project, which we later decided to call Nutri-Fungi, started back in 2011. It was a completely natural search for powerful foods. We were fascinated by the fact that there was the kingdom of fungi and we knew little to nothing about it. The more information we ingested – the more attracted by mushrooms we were. Stories for the experience of other people with mushrooms, documentaries, trying out products that were already on the market in different countries, than later scientific based information, more and more, and more…

Feeling comfortable

Once we make sure our products are rich in the active ingredients we enter the zone of comfort. Of course, science has proven that taking a sugar pill sometimes does the job of a medicine due to the placebo effect.  However we are not the company that would go down that road. Hence we will always stress on the importance of content of active ingredients in our products.

Understanding the facts

If a person or a company wants to adequately deal with a product – getting to the source is an absolute must. The medicinal mushroom extract manufacturing industry is quite a niche industry with only few real producers and hundreds of ‘middle-man’ companies, who pretend to be manufacturers. If you do not know what to look for you might come back home thinking you got a great deal, where you actually paid for low quality.

Notice the differences

Testing ingredients is always an exciting thing to do. Sometimes taking one extract for the first time and you can tell the difference in 30 mins. With others it takes few weeks. Medicinal mushrooms are so, so intelligent organisms. On other hand the human body is not exactly a straightforward mechanism  so it should be of no surprise that to actually experience positive effect it might take some time.

Our choice and promise

Long story short: It took us some 5-6 years to educate ourselves about medicinal mushrooms. And still there is a lot to learn. At least we know well the difference between high and low quality products.  And we chose to have high quality organic certified products. It’s just how we like things. We promise to work towards maintaining high level of our products. And last but not least – we hope our effort will give great experience to everyone using our carefully selected products!

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