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Nutri-Fungi products are designed to elevate the mind, body & spirit.

We use a selection of organic mushroom species, which most noteworthy we extract and then produce mushroom extract powders.

Nutri-Fungi products are in ready-to-use powder form. They are a functional food ingredient, easy to fit in a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

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Here are 5 Ways to Nourish Your Body, Mind & Spirit!

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We are growing mushrooms but also detailed info base. Informed choice is as important as the quality of our products.

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Wild Garlic Pesto with Cordyceps Extract

Prep time: 5 minutes Total time: 10 minutes Yields: 1 small jar INGREDIENTS 1 tsp of Cordyceps extract 1 cup of walnuts ¼ cup of olive oil pinch of salt and pepper handful of [...]

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