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Benefits of Medicinal Mushroom Extracts

Have you read about the potential benefits from Chaga, Reishi,  Shiitake or  Lion’s mane mushroom? First of all – most of the valuable compounds in mushrooms are locked within their cellular walls. An important aspect due to which we have to cook the mushrooms to get out the goodness from them! Many mushroom products are made from simple mushroom powder. Dried mushrooms or related mushroom material is turned into powder, and then gets sold as food or food supplement. But we don’t do that. Instead we use selected organic medicinal mushroom species, which, most noteworthy, we extract and then produce mushroom extract powders. Therefore in Nutri-Fungi products, the benefits from medicinal mushrooms are in a ready-to-use powder form.Happy jumping people enjoying benefits of organic medicinal mushroom extracts

Mushroom Extracts Benefits
100% organic certified mushroom extracts for optimum health

Boost Immune System

Modern science offers a vast amount of research in support of medicinal mushrooms’ active ingredients as immune system modulators.

Cholesterol Balance

Active ingredients of medicinal mushrooms are known to help with balancing cholesterol levels and cellular insulin response.

Promote Detoxification

Medicinal mushrooms’ active ingredients triterpenes are found to have a positive effect on the liver and to help with detoxification and...

Look and Feel Younger

Consumption of medicinal mushrooms is known to have a positive effect on appearance and to support healthy skin.

Increase Vitality

One of the main reasons for the great popularity of medicinal mushrooms is the fact they increase vitality via various pathways.

Kick Up Performance

By helping the blood flow through arteries and veins and increasing uptake and utilization of oxygen, mushroom extracts can promote physical...

100% Organic Medicinal Mushroom Fruiting Body Extracts

Nutri-Fungi is the UK’s one stop online shop to buy 100% organic certified extracts, made entirely from fruiting bodies of various medicinal mushroom species. Whether you are looking for Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps or Lion’s Mane mushroom extract – we have it all. Our high quality, organic mushroom extracts are made by extracting the mushroom polysaccharides, and related compounds, from the fruiting bodies of the most well-known medicinal mushroom species. Furthermore, we use advanced enzymatic preparations and classic water and alcohol extraction methods to manufacture our organic extract powders. As a result, the Nutri-Fungi range of 100% organic mushroom extracts contains the full spectrum of mushroom bio active components. In addition, our products are designed to be used as functional food ingredients, easy to be added to a healthy and balanced diet.

Why Choose Us?
100% organic certified mushroom extracts!

High Potency

The main thing to keep focus on are the beta-D-glucans (important polysaccharides) and the triterpenes (found only in some mushrooms).

Certified Organic Products

We offer entirely certified organic medicinal mushroom extracts. Organic is about strict control and traceability of the product.

100% Fruit Body Extracts

It is the fruiting body of the mushroom organism that has the highest concentration of bioactive ingredients. That is why we only use the fruit...